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This site is dedicated to the discussion of the free WHONET software. You can post questions to the WHONET User Community, find responses to Frequently Asked Questions, and learn more about WHONET activities around the world.

We also encourage you to review existing materials on the WHONET Training Center, including tutorials, slide sets, and videos covering WHONET use in human, animal, food, and environmental sectors. If you would like to assist in developing or translating materials, lead training or technical support activities, suggesting new software features, or contribute in other ways, we welcome your collaboration.

The objective is appropriate use of antimicrobials today and preserving the value of antimicrobials for future generations. Thorough and timely analysis and use of WHONET data supports this through the early detection of emerging threats, development of treatment guidelines, and elaboration and evaluation of interventions. We value the contribution of the WHONET User Community in achieving this vision!

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